Personalized Baby Shower Candles, Baby Sprinkle Candles, Mason Jar Candles, Choose Your Size and Scent

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Personalized candles are awesome favors for baby shower guests. We can personalize candles for any occasion. 

When placing a custom order, let us know what type of event it is for and what type of theme you would like for the label. We have tons of options as far as creating your custom label and you will ALWAYS see a preview and approve of your label before your order is filled and shipped. 


You can choose one or multiple scents for personalized candles. 

*When checking out: Include the lid color (brown or pewter) and personal message you would like on your candle label. If you would like one of the label design themes pictured above, please specify which one. If you would like a different design theme, let us know what your colors/theme are for your event or if there is a specific image you would like incorporated into the label. Once you place your order, we will design 3 sample labels for you to choose from. If you have questions before placing your order, feel free to message us. This is a full time business so we try to be very prompt when answering messages. We can also make a custom listing for you to make checkout quick and easy. If you would like a custom listing, don't hesitate to ask.*


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Burn Hours:
4 oz. candles: 15-20+ hours
8 oz. candles: 40-50+ hours
12 oz. candles: 60-70+ hours
16 oz. candles: 80-100+ hours


Choose Your Scent:


Scents & Descriptions

Everyday Collection (These are available year round)

-Baby Cakes (Vanilla Cupcake)

-Roxy Doodle (A fruity blend of banana, grapefruit, and bubblegum with a hint of vanilla)

-Cucumber Melon

-Clean Sheets (Clean linen type scent)


-Mahogany and Teak Wood

-South Georgia Peach

-Blueberry Cobbler

-Country Cabin (Evergreen and citrus with a slight musk...just like a cabin in the woods)

-Ocean Breeze (Clean and refreshing)


-Fruit Loops

-Skinny Dippin' (Tropical, fruity bouquet with strawberry, apple, pear, and melon top notes combined with creamy vanilla undertones. You'll be so excited to get to the beach that you may forget your swimsuit.)

-Apple Pie

-Apple Cinnamon 

-Pineapple & Honey Melon

-Birthday Cake

-Strawberries & Cream

-Georgia Cotton (Crisp and clean scent that will remind you of cotton sheets that have been hung out to dry on a sunny afternoon in Georgia)

-Rose Oil

-Vanilla Lime



-Lavender & Vanilla

-Blue Hawaiian (Tropical blend of pineapples, blueberries, and coconut)



-Cotton Candy

-Fiji Sunset (Tropical yet clean blend of pineapple, mango, gogi berry, and driftwood)

-Vanilla Bean

-Mahogany Coconut

-Brown Sugar & Fig

-Roasted Pinecone (Clean and crisp pine with a background of sandalwood, vanilla, and hints of raspberry) 

-Island Time (Fresh cut melon, island coconut, and palm leaves)


-Southern Charm (Passion fruits, patchouli, & refreshing tea...a unique and welcoming scent...very charming just like the South.)

-Sweet Lemon (Fresh sliced lemons sprinkled with sugar.)

-Frasier Fir (crisp and festive with the aroma of siberian pine and cedar. Great for Winter and the holidays!)

-Coffee House (Fresh brewed coffee)

-Midnight (Masculine blend of wood & citrus)


-Nag Champa (Earthy blend of patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon's blood. This is a popular incense fragrance.)

-Bergamot Bliss (crisp, refreshing, and aromatic blend of sparkling bergamot, sugared citrus, light florals, and creamy sandalwood.)

-Farmstand Apple (fresh sliced McIntosh apples)

-Fresh Turned Peanuts


2019 Fall Collection


-Pumpkin Pie (Creamy pumpkin, spicy cinnamon, and sweet vanilla in a flaky pie crust)

-Campfire Marshmallow (Smoldering woods, sugared marshmallow, fire roasted vanilla, and golden amber)

-Cozy Sweater Weather (Eucalyptus, fresh sage, and juniper berry)

-Autumn Night (Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg layered with apple, cedar, and sandalwood)

-Apple Cider Donut (fried donuts combined with apple cider, cinnamon, and sugar)

-Fall Leaves (Crisp red apple, golden nectar, and enchanting spices)

-Cider Trail (Apple & Pumpkin cider combined with cinnamon and nutmeg...a BEST SELLER since our first year in business)

-Pumpkin Cupcake (Spiced pumpkin cake combined with whipped buttercream frosting)

-Crisp Autumn Air (Falling leaves, rustic cedar, and mountain pine mingle with tart berries, fresh sage, and clove to capture the first whiff of Autumn in the air)

-Pecan Pumpkin Waffles (Golden waffles topped with buttery, pumpkin maple syrup and garnished with toasted pecans)

-Cranberry Apple Marmalade (Tangy cranberry, juicy red apple, and sugared cinnamon spices)

-Harvest Spice (Festive blend of cinnamon and clove sweetened with buttercream and vanilla)

-Banana Nut Bread (Fresh baked bread filled with bananas blended with cinnamon, walnuts, sugar, and vanilla)

2019 Holiday Collection

*Christmas Cookies* (Warm sugar cookies)

*Christmas Tree Farm* (Aroma of a fresh cut Christmas tree with festive pine and subtle spruce)

*Warm Flannel* (Warm and cozy blend of bergamot and mahogany)

*Farmhouse Christmas* (Warm sugar cookies + fresh cut Christmas tree...a Christmas FAVORITE)

*Candied Winter Apple* (Sweet candy, crunchy red apple, and enchanting spices)

*Peppermint + Vanilla*

*Merry and Bright* (Blend of cinnamon, clove, and sugared berries with a slight hint of vanilla)

*Frosted Berry* (Frosted juniper & holly berries combined with vetiver and pine)

*Holiday Traditions* (Apple, cinnamon, and clove with a hint of vanilla)


*Hot Chocolate* (Hot chocolate with marshmallows...just like the popular holiday beverage)