About Us


Highly Scented Soy Candles Poured with Lots of Love since 2016

We are an e-commerce candle company based out of Lenox, Georgia. We hand pour pure soy candles and have 40+ fragrances to choose from. We also offer personalized candle labels for all occasions. We can even add your business logo to a candle. 

 All of our candles are made from pure soy wax and phthalate free fragrance oils. Our candles are safe for you, your family, and your fur babies. 

Discover the difference.

Meet The Canarys! 

Leonard and Mallory Canary are the husband & wife team behind The Canary's Nest Candle Company. 

Baby and Roxy are the little Canary's and even have a candle named after them...Baby Cakes and Roxy Doodle. Roxy passed away unexpectedly on August 1, 2018 from auto immune encephalitis. The Canarys have donated a portion of sales from their Roxy Doodle products to the University of Georgia for canine encephalitis research.

How The Canary's Nest Candle Company Got Started

The Canary's Nest Candle Company was started in the spare bedroom of Leonard and Mallory's home in 2016. Mallory combined her love for candles and her passion for wanting to start a business and The Canary's Nest was born. The couple sold their candles at festivals and craft shows to get their brand name out into the world while focusing on building their online presence as well. Business really started to take off in 2019 and The Canary's Nest Candle Company was also featured on BuzzFeed three times! This really skyrocketed their sales so they began construction on their candle warehouse and moved in during 2020.

Owners Leonard and Mallory Canary at the 2022 Berrien County Chamber of Commerce Banquet. The Canary's Nest Candle Company received the award for Entrepreneur of the Year.


A Little More About Us

-We are proud to be a small, family owned business. We are also a veteran owned business.

 -All of our candles and melts are made from pure soy wax. NO paraffin, NO harsh chemicals, NO uv inhibitors or additives. This means that your candle may have minor imperfections like frosting or irregular tops. These are not flaws. They are characteristics of soy wax and ensure that your candle is 100% soy. 

 -All of our candles are safe for your family and fur babies. We take pride in using quality ingredients and even those with the most sensitive allergy issues have been able to burn our candles with no problems.

 -We invite you to discover the difference.